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#1 - LSL Cards & Combat - an Indie Digital Board Game

I've always had a drive to make a game, any game - who knows why. Early 2020 corona had kicked in, my 2D Tyranobuilder game turned out to be a bust, I'd played with GameGuru to create a 3D Machinima for the web series, I had a heap of design assets for the upcoming comic series and time up my sleeve.

When introduced to Tabletop Simulator... everything sort of clicked. In a couple of weeks while procrastinating on the comic I built a prototype board game... since then the project's been shelved until the comic was closer to release.

But why wait to make a surprise announcement for a tie in project to a comic series that (at this point in time) no one really knows about.

I figured why not make a blog about the journey. Hopefully you get some insights into my creative process or learn a few tool and tricks you can use to make and launch a Board Game... what's Learning stuff Lane without learning some stuff.


I looked at the market and the overwhelming advice was that for indie creators physical board games are where you make sales and digital board games are where you generate sales leads. The planned scope and depth of Cards & Combat made it obvious that this is to be a digital board game so large it wouldn't be all that feasible as a physical product.

Most digital games are just recreations of physical products with a few extra bells and whistles added in. The plan for Cards & Combat is to make it the strongest product we can within the digital board game market. This means enormously expanding play elements that are often curtailed by the demands of physical board game production, including expanding the project with a massive range of: unique Playable Characters, tons of Alternate Costumes, hundreds of Playable Cards and interactive elements. So at every stage of development exploring the opportunities of a 'digital only offering' is the core goal... a tactic we hope differentiates us from other offerings in the digital board game market. And once launched, only then would we consider the opportunities of a scaled back physical format for the game.

Only time will tell if the plan works, or if it needs a course correction.

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