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Improvised AI Stories (Shelved Project - 2023)

Story Stuff's a bunch of improvised scenarios, each built on a unique primer prompt (1000+ words long). It started with characters, variables, tone and more outlined in a similar way to a role-playing game - then I (and guests) record our game session and edit it into a neat little video.

Each game uses a different format or scenario, from lab experiments gone wrong and dabbling with dark arts and crafts to unhinged noir investigations and fearmongering fake news reports. All taking place in the happy dystopia of Learning Stuff Lane.

For a bunch of reasons I stopped the project soon after starting - results were great but the production was off, folks were at peak A.I. fear and I didn't have the capacity to build a stream of content from the ground up. A heap of work went into the series, with over 36 scenarios designed and tested... I'll revisit it at a later date, and I'm keeping my eye on new features of ChatGPT. For now it's shelved until the at least series one of the comic is launched.

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