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Learning Stuff Lane - Project Update - February 2022

The new year's already rolling along and on the LSL front things are still in a kind of cruise control. With the world opening back up more consistently now my attention has turned to salvaging and stabilizing everything else that make making this content possible.

In short, it's time to stop and smell the roses and let the built up LSL content release on autopilot for a little while. It'd be tempting to bury myself in the work but the beauty of stopping to smell the roses it seeing what happens after you hit a project milestone and planning for that and your project's future.

There will be more significant progress over 2022, but for now the roadmap is on cruise control. I'm so keen to see the scripts realized, but I have to keep in mind that this is a no-pressure project that will find it's rhythm and audience when it want to.

Wish I could come out swinging with big promises, but... what's the point in that?

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