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Stuff Lane - Project Update - October 2021

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Over the last few months I had time to look at Learning Stuff Lane as a Brand, I always had this nagging thought that I could smash through the comic and at the end not find an audience. So lately time has been devoted into building one.

Audience growth is always slow going at the start and due to the pandemic there hasn't been a way to head to conventions and the like, but once I have a backlog of content online I'm sure folks will find their way to the lane.


- ALL IN THE TIMING: The Design Sessions have kept the comic preproduction ticking along, the new Style Files are pushing my conceptual and artistic skills, Mr Chuckles Adventures has helped define the 'brand design' of the project and will hopefully gain more interest in the project, and all of this has helped generate more assets for use in the Cards and Combat Board Game.

The accumulation of content has forced me to wrangle social media scheduling and in time the consistency of more interesting and engaging post formats will increase.

To get to the point, I'm still driven to get the initial comic pilot drafted by the year's end, but I'm feeling no pressure with that deadline. I know some people have followed along with the progress but I'm confident that the uptick in regular content and the backlog of produced material I'm scheduled shows that I'm not looking at this project as a comic with ancillary elements anymore. I'm aiming to gradually build a brand. And a team.

In line with this 'ancillary content baby steps' approach, I'm developing a couple more content formats that'll further polish my skills for the coming comic.


- SERIES HAS LAUNCHED!!!: The first three dropped on 25th September then one every week for the next year. With this A.I. generated story book series there's a a huge variety in twists, topics and themes. Your mileage may vary on the series, but in time I hope people see it for what it is... broken computer logic with the potential to unearth ideas and concepts that are truly unique and absurd.

If you want to learn more check out the Mr Chuckles Page here.

The series encourages people to submit their own unique prompts via comments or a submission form (here). Any suggestions that get created will be posted in between the weekly uploads.

Mr Chuckles Adventures is available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, IGTV, Reddit, TikTok, Tumblr and Youtube.


- LAUNCHED: The updated 'Design Session' format is now live, with posts uploading most weeks whenever a key game, movie or tv show airs.

You can check out the posts on Youtube here.

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