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Stuff Lane - Project Update - November 2021

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Not a huge amount to report this month. Australia's lockdowns ended so been spending quality time out of the house and putting energy into post-lockdown plans. With distractions that means this month was mostly tinkering and tidying. Below's a handful of things I tinkered with in my spare time...


- CARDS!!!: a bit of time went to reviewing the cards for the board game - see more here. With over 300 cards and counting I needed a way to easily update graphics and data on the cards then export them. Opening and editing Photoshop files was going to take way too long, so I setup a document complier that generates cards (and all sorts of content) from a database.

I can now adjust any part of a card template, and it will translate to all the other cards in the database. Below are a couple of cards generated from the design workflow... there's alot art to make, and the flavor text needs some TLC...


- PRINT ON DEMAND: I'm considering making merch designs once a week and loading them onto sites like Redbubble and Spreadshirt - both are live now. The idea isn't to make a bunch of sales, the aim is to learn more about online storefronts and explore them further down the track.

I'm not too drawn to making content for merch so you won't see anything for a while. That said, here's a sample of a 'design for merch session' I put together... (the final format will hopefully be in collaboration with others, streamed live on twitch)...

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