Learning Stuff Lane - Project Update - Feb 2021

A huge thanks to everyone who's found their way to the lane over the last couple of months. What was an ad-hoc project update will now be curated as an ongoing blog. These updates will be short summaries of progress in the ongoing development of this little indie project. Recent updates include:


4 of the 6 issues are now drafted and in a second stage of revision. The remaining 2 issues are close to first draft. It won't be long till I start boarding and creating Issue #1, a process that'll take a while because I want to nail the visual language and presentation of the series - everything from fonts and panel sizes to front and back pages. Once getting to the nitty gritty it'll start to become obvious where the missing pieces are - things like location art revision, script tightening, fleshing out a reference for character poses and expressions, etc.