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Learning Stuff Lane - Project Update - July 2021

With the corona situation in Australia the next month is going to be a mixed bag. On the up side there'll be alot more time to get things done.


- FINAL DRAFT: This month the first issue production script will be locked in. Stay tuned for updates as things kick off on the storyboarding side of things.


- OVER 30 EPISODES READY FOR REVIEW: This has been a great exercise in organically building out a concept to meet it's natural potential. With the full 52 mini episodes almost complete I've already begun compiling an 'Anthology' episode for submission to web series festivals.... more on that another time.


- NEW CHARACTERS: In the last month I began cataloguing the characters designed for the project as a whole, in the process each one was given 'character art' ready for inclusion in the board game. Being digital. there's no cap on the amount of playable characters we can add in... right now it's getting close to 400.

Below are a few designs I haven't yet posted online.

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