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Learning Stuff Lane - Project Update - June 2021

Almost halfway through the year, there's alot more to do but alot less than there was 6 months ago.


- STORY STUFF: More time needed on scripts, nothing's gone wrong, I just want to keep things low pressure - while still on track.

- DESIGN: The work on the 'Mr Chuckles Books' (further below) has done what I hoped it would - test my design process for final art and helped me gauge expectation on my - pages per day. Beyond that I took time to work on a few design embellishments like the Script Document and the 'Character Pages' I'm using to orient people reviewing the scripts.


- ROUNDING THE CORNER: I'm pretty happy with how these are turning out. Looks like what was supposed to be just a few little content chunks has developed into a heap of little content chunks with some unexpected results.

Won't be long before these start to post - not long being a couple of months - fingers crossed.

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