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Learning Stuff Lane - Project Update - March 2021

As always thanks for following along. We're now on track to passing 1000 page likes on Facebook, an encouraging milestone for sure. I really appreciate the gathering interest.


- Coming 2021 (-2022): I've had time to look at timelines and I want to avoid creating uncertainty in the delivery date. I'm confident that the 6 issue series will be ready by year's end, but being new to digital self-publishing there are factors to consider. For example, just finishing the comic drafts is the start of a polish period and after the effort put in to date it'd be a waste to push something out too soon. That, and submissions to Comixology go through a 3 month vetting period. I also want to spend the quality time needed to nail the aesthetic and the scripts.

That said, I'm planning to complete the first issue, polish and then post it out on all available sites for FREE well before the end of year. Then continue to provide supporting and complimentary content as things develop.

I'll consider the first issue release as a pilot, a chance to get reader feedback on the project and a way to tweak any issues with the AR element I'd like to include in the end product. Once the rest of the series is complete issue one (with tweaks) and issue two will be released simultaneously, the rest to be released every month until completion.

This will take some pressure off (I still have a full time job to do and need to squeeze in my life somewhere) and give some breathing room to work on ancillary content.

- Gallery Page: Along with character designs posted on social media I wanted to give you the ability to check out everything in one place. I'll be updating this page sporadically with scheduled designs - so if you want a sneak peek at what's on the way before it hits social media don't forget to check out the gallery now and then.

- Logo Mini-Refresh: As the project develops so does the branding. There were a bunch of responses to a Facebook Ad, a common comment is 'Sesame Street Rip-Off'. It's a fair comment when looking at things at a glance and while the veneer of LSL shows it's reference materials openly I'm sure in time people will see it has a unique creative identity.

That said, I want to quiet any ambiguity and fully separate the project's branding and identity from that of any other property. I made some tweaks and adjusted the colour scheme to match that of an Australian street sign. Since reposting this art I haven't had any 'rip-off' comments, so I guess that's progress.

Oh, and the mention of Australia... that's my home country, but it's not necessarily the home country of Learning Stuff Lane. More on that another time.


Nothing new here, just rolling out the ongoing posts for the next few months.

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