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Learning Stuff Lane - Project Update - May 2021

It's already May? The last month flew by, with events in Australia making a comeback and a few other life changes there've been alot of distractions. But that's no excuse, so here's the latest...


- STORY TIME: I find that a little bit of time between drafts helps give some perspective and distance from the work. With fresh eyes the wonky bits become more obvious and the tough fixes become less of a challenge.

With the year already getting away on us this month will be a return to final drafts and polish leading into storyboarding the pilot.


- SO MUCH CONTENT: With this side track of side content taking up the last few weeks I've been able to churn out alot of little stories. I know not many people will see this blog so what's it hurt to drop a couple of early drafts here, now...

Keep in mind that we'll be refining the format and presentation. I guess a simple description of the content is (description also in development)...

Mr Chuckles Adventures: sometimes amusing, often surreal, A.I. generated stories with a fuzzy dreamlike logic and unexpected subtext, dressed up as a children's bedtime story

These stories are legitimately A.I. generated, so the results are an unpredictable mess at times. After sifting through the outputs we have a few dozen in good shape with hopefully a total of 50 to be made before launching them into the world.

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