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Learning Stuff Lane - Project Update - April 2021

It's been a 'prep month' of sorts. I'm keen to get the comics out but something in the back of my mind keeps telling me that locking off and releasing the first issue will be one of those 'work until we get it right' kind of situation.

That said, there's definitely no plan to procrastinate. So the idea I'm running with is to create some repeatable, simple to execute, content that's more substantial than the current design and art posts. This lead to the books I vaguely posted about a week or so ago.

It's a series of 'bed time stories' created with a little help from an A.I. algorithm. And the results, they're wild. I'm aiming for one video per week, or more... so I've spent the last week or two building a huge backlog of ready to go stories.

Making the art has also helped streamline some processes and design choices that I'll use for the comic series. So rather than procrastinating, I'm using spin off material to prep me for the big one while (hopefully) keeping you engaged that little bit more while you patiently wait for the comic to land.


- PILOT ISSUE: Still on track for later in the year. Have been distracted momentarily with the stuff above. I'm also leaning towards treating Learning Stuff Lane as more than a singular product, it's more of a journey... great to have you here for the ride.

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