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#10 - LSL Cards & Combat - Preparing 3D Assets

If you're following along I'll assume in part it's because you want to know how the development of Cards & Combat can help you with your own project. So the next few posts will focus on customizing and enhancing a Table Top Simulator project.

Once you have the tools and know-how, you'll also be able to create your own custom assets to incorporate into Cards & Combat or any other game you're playing using Tabletop Simulator.

- Sourcing Assets. There are plenty of places online to buy, free download or commission 3D assets, and if you're up for it make the assets yourself. For this example I'll grab a free downloadable asset from Turbo Squid -- a bomb. For optimal performance in Tabletop Simulator and fast loading here's a few basic specs you'll want to consider when sourcing a 3D Asset.

: File Type: .obj (only file type TTS accepts)

: File Size: 3mb max, ideally under 500kb

: Polygons: 20k (software limit), 5k (my limit), 500 - 1k (ideal number range for simple props)

- Scaling Assets. 3D assets don't have a standardized scale, to get the proportions right for ingesting into Tabletop Simulator there are heaps of programs you can use. I don't have alot of 3D skills and I needed to use something simple and focused on asset manipulation. After playing around with 3D objects for GameGuru I ultimately settled on using FragMotion. You can download it here.


: Open FragMotion; select 'File --> New; select 'Import'; choose the .obj file from whichever folder you've stored the asset.

: Choose 'Select Face'; tick 'Back Faces True'; click and drag over your object; choose 'Mesh --> Scale Entire Mesh'; drag your mouse until the object fits within a single grid square (either scale up a little or scale down alot); select 'Mesh --> Move Entire Mesh'; drag the mesh around until the base of the mesh sits flush with the ground plane (aiming to get it close to flush is essential for object stability within TTS).

Now you have an asset that's almost ready to export. Next time, we look into texturing.

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