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#16 - LSL Cards & Combat - Building the Scene / Environment

Beyond the game board itself the play space needs some attention. In Tabletop Simulator you're contained to the area within the skybox, however with a mix of props, art, effects and skyboxes you can create the illusion any kind of space you need - within reason... don't go overboard with huge 3D assets that will slow game performance, and avoid features that distract too much from the players focal area - the game board itself.

For Cards & Combat I decided on a fenced in environment with the illusion of 'more beyond'. The Fence objects are just rescaled cube objects with different textures, same with the floor plate on which everything sits.

With these minimal assets and a few well placed complex objects the scene is starting to look on point.

If you're creating your own environment in Tabletop Simulator I'll save you some time, here are a few specs for the floorplate texture (link to downloadable files here), once you've designed yours just import the asset onto any standard cube object then rescale as needed.

- Floor Plate Specs. As with any large files, optimize file size by exporting as web legacy.

: Pixels: 4188 x 4188

: Resolution: 400

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