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#9 - LSL Cards & Combat - Game Master and Player Resources

This may not have been covered yet, but, every Game Mode has a Game Master (GM). The role is quite different to a typical Role-Playing GM. The Cards & Combat GM sets up the board and deck, rolls encounter tables, controls NPC's, and is dealt a hand of cards that they can use just as the players do. Being the GM is like adopting a different play style more aligned with that of a mischief making referee.

That said, the GM needs to be able to organize, coordinate and use a range of assets designed to enhance, clarify and complicate the gameplay experience.


Game Mode Storage. A one stop shop for spare manuals, extra card decks, surprise NPCs, 3D props, tiles and things a GM needs to play a new round.

Game Deck. The resting place of the titular 'Cards' used while playing Cards & Combat

Game Master's Stash. A spot for backup Game Decks and key assets along with trophies, props/assets linked to rare cards and general random extras.

Game Manuals. Easy access to key documents.

Recycling Bin. A place for spare dice and somewhere to throw burnt playing cards. Also handy as a bin for clearing junk off the board.

The Library. It's exactly what you think, another storage space full of backup game manuals and key documents.

We've covered the concept and looked at the overall design of the game, the next bunch of posts will address actually building the game... starting with 3D assets.

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