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#12 - LSL Cards & Combat - Importing 3D Assets

In the previous posts we've sourced and prepped a 3D asset for ingest into Tabletop Simulator and we've modified the texture of the asset to fit our needs. Now comes the moment of truth, importing the new toy into the game.


- Importing the Object into Tabletop Simulator. In the top menu select 'Object'

-->'Components' --> 'Custom'; move the cursor to where you want to spawn the object; in 'Model/Mesh' add the .obj; in 'Diffuse/Image' add your .png or .jpg; select the appropriate 'Type' of asset at the bottom (this will govern some default attributes of the asset), in this case 'Generic'; select 'Material' and choose a preset that best matches the shine and reflectivity of the imported object; select import. If you want to modify further just right click on the object and select 'custom'.

- Final Steps. Rotate the object, scale it up or down (see Basic Game Controls). Finally set a few toggles to reflect the behaviour of the object while on the board and during play.

And there you have it, a fresh new asset to play with in game.

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